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We do analytical chemistry.

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Research highlights

We demonstrate a new skin metabolite analysis method utilizing a flat disc-shaped sampling probe, and a compatible re-extraction apparatus coupled online with extractive electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. Skin metabolite analysis can be an alternative and non-invasive way of clinical diagnostics. [read more]

Telechemistry 2.0: An open-source system developed for remote monitoring of fluorescent chemical reactions. The device can be easily built using inexpensive off-the-shelf electronic components, optical fibers, and 3D-printed components. The system also incorporates auxiliary sensors to measure relative alcohol vapor concentration, temperature, and humidity at different locations in the laboratory. [read more]

We have developed BioChemPen, a portable wireless biosensor device for rapid analysis of substances adsorbed on solid surfaces. It takes advantage of (bio)luminescent reactions in a hydrogel matrix. It can be used to detect bleach on cleaned surfaces, ATP in meat, or pesticides on foodstuffs. [read more]

The team presents catalytic oxygenation-mediated extraction (COME) for rapid analysis of volatile solutes. It takes advantage of biocatalytic production of oxygen occurring directly in the sample. The newly formed oxygen (micro)bubbles extract the dissolved volatile organic compounds. Subsequently, the gaseous extract is transferred to a separation or detection system. The COME apparatus incorporates a simple electronic control system. It has been hyphenated with gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and ion-mobility spectrometry. [read more]

We present a new approach for chemical mapping, which focuses on volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This task has been challenging due to the high diffusivities and low concentrations of VOCs in the gas phase. The presented approach benefits from the high selectivity of mass spectrometry. It also takes advantage of simple robotics and open-source prototyping tools. The platform has been used to map several specimens representing various matrices and application areas. [read more]

We have developed a portable cloud-integrated pen-probe analyzer, based on ion-mobility spectrometry, for in-situ analysis of volatile organic compounds emanating from surfaces. It is capable of semi-automated sample collection, immediate data processing, and uploading results online. It was used to record spectra of real matrices such as foodstuffs. [read more]

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