Archiving Data

When your article is accepted for publication, please prepare a CD with all the data used in this work.

In the main directory of the CD, please create several folders.

The folders should be named “Figure 1”, “Figure 2”, “Figure 3”, “Table 1” and so on.

In every folder, place all the related files:

– raw data files from the mass spectrometer, chromatograph, or another instrument

– exported ASCII files

– Origin files with regression

– CorelDraw files

– final exported TIFF files

– Excel files with all the related calculations

– computer or microcontroller scripts (e.g. C++, Python) that were used in the related experiments

(If there are many files in a folder, you can also include one additional text file containing the list of contents with a brief description of every data file.)

You can check with the senior students if you are not sure which files should be placed in every folder.

If possible, do not compress the files. If necessary, use several CDs.

Sign the CD with your name, abbreviated article title and journal name (using water-proof pen).

Afterwards, bring this CD to the group leader for archiving.

If your lab notebook is already completed, please also bring it to the group leader. Otherwise, remember to bring it when you finish your stay in the lab.