The spotlight of weekly group meeting is the seminar given by one of the group members that highlights recent progress in one of the ongoing research projects. It is followed by discussion.

Place: Chemistry Building, room 114

Time: Friday, 16:50 (+/- few min)

(group meeting starts at 16:10)

Upcoming talks

22/10/2021 Speaker: Yun-Hsuan

Title: Substrate Specificity Screening and Kinetic Profiling of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Biocatalysts by On-line Mass Spectrometry

29/10/2021 Speaker: Joo Inn

Title: Untargeted Profiling Whiskeys with Fizzy Extraction Coupled with High Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry

05/11/2021 Speaker: Yi-Wun

Title: A study of charged microdroplets in subwoofer sound-modulated electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

12/11/2021 Speaker: Li-Li Huang

Title: Title: Imaging Chemical Distributions on Surfaces with Hydrogel Array

19/11/2021 Speaker: Yun-Fang Liao

Title: Determination of the location of C-C double bond in phospholipid isomers with LC-MS

26/11/2021 Speaker: Rui-Zong

Title: Title: Development of methods to study conformational transitions of proteins in real time

03/12/2021 Speaker: tba

Title: tba

10/12/2021 Speaker: tba

Title: tba

17/12/2021 Speaker: tba

Title: tba

24/12/2021 Speaker: tba

Title: tba

31/12/2021 Speaker: tba

Title: tba

07/01/2022 Speaker: tba

Title: tba