The spotlight of weekly group meeting is the seminar given by one of the group members that highlights recent progress in one of the ongoing research projects. It is followed by discussion.

Place: Chemistry Building, room 114

Time: Friday, 16:50 (+/- few min)

(group meeting starts at 16:10)

Upcoming talks

09/12/2022 Speaker: Jing-Chi

Title: Detection of volatile organic compound using ion mobility spectrometer

16/12/2022 Speaker: Hong-Ruei

Title: Development of molecular information system

23/12/2022 Speaker: Fan-Lun

Title: Fizzy extraction coupling with secondary electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

30/12/2022 Speaker: Chin-hang

Title: Development of REs-ESI system to focus and block ESI droplets

06/01/2022 Speaker: Li-Li

Title: Low resolution surfaces chemical mapping with hydrogel biosensor