The spotlight of weekly group meeting is the seminar given by one of the group members that highlights recent progress in one of the ongoing research projects. It is followed by discussion.

Place: Chemistry Building, room 114

Time: Friday, 16:30 (+/- few min)

(Group meeting starts at 15:30)

Upcoming talks

24/03/2023 Speaker: Decibel

Title: Development of Online Sample Preparation and Introduction Techniques in Gas Chromatographic and Mass Spectrometric Analyses for Food and Clinical Applications

31/03/2023 Speaker: Hou-Yi

Title: Observation of Electrospray Plume Vapor Envelope Evolution at a High Speed

07/04/2023 Speaker: Chikondi

Title: Metabolic profiling of Flammulina velutipes across developmental stages

14/04/2023 Speaker: Pin-Chieh

Title: Ion seperation of employing alternating current on ring electrode electrospray ionization

21/04/2023 Speaker: Jing-chi

Title: Robotic surface sampling of volatile compounds by ion mobility spectrometry