The spotlight of weekly group meeting is the seminar given by one of the group members that highlights recent progress in one of the ongoing research projects. It is followed by discussion.

Place: Chemistry Building, room 114

Time: Friday, 16:30 (+/- few min)

(Group meeting starts at 15:30)

Upcoming talks

22/09/2023 Speaker: Hidayat

Title: Mass Specthoscope: a Handheld Extendable Probe for Localized Non-invasive Sampling of Skin Volatome for Online Analysis

06/10/2023 Speaker: Maheswar

Title: Development of drift tube ion mobility spectrometry coupled with quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometry for investigating protein conformations

13/10/2023 Speaker: Hou-Yi

Title: Switching between Turbulent and Laminar Vapor Flow in Electrospray Plume

20/10/2023 Speaker: Chikondi

Title: Metabolic profiling of Flammulina velutipes across its developmental stages

27/10/2023 Speaker: Pin-Chieh

Title: Quantification Based on Electric Field-Modulated Electrospray Plume Selected Ion Monitoring Currents Subjected to Fast Fourier Transform